Group Capoeira Brasil was founded in Brasil by Mestre Paulinho Sabia, Mestre Boneco and Mestre Paulão Ceara on the 14th of January 1989, as a result of different ideologies, left to pursue their own work. The GCB was inaugurated in the city of Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in honor of the recent centennial of the abolishment of slavery in Brazil. Under the supervision and blessing of its “padrinhos“, or godfathers, Mestre Gato, Mestre Peixinho, Mestre Tabosa, Mestre Suassuna, Mestre Itapoã, and the late Mestre Ezequiel.

Grupo Capoeira Brasil practice Mestre Bimba’s Capoeira Regional but with its own methodology. GCB is constantly updating its movements and songs to keep abreast of this evolving art form. The group now has a style which is a unique blend of the traditional moves and philosophies with some new elements mixed in.

Group Capoeira Brasil is currently one of Brasil’s largest and best recognized schools and has spread internationally with groups and instructors throughout Brazil, as well as, USA, Mexico, Holland, France, Hungary, Belgium, UK, Spain, New Zeland, New Caledonia, China, Australia, Germany, Africa, Turkey, Canada, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Italy, Israel, Venezuela, Poland, and more.

Mestre Paulinho Sabiá

Paulo Cesar da Silva Souza, Mestre Paulinho Sabiá, is one of the founders of Group Capoeira Brasil. He started training capoeira in the streets of Niteroi with a guy called Florencio, in 1970 his father enrolled him into a capoeira group called Rio Antigo, because it was too dangerous for a boy of ten years old to practice capoeira in the streets in 1972 he met Mestre Gato from Senzala and in the end of 1973 he became part of Group Senzala where he stayed until January 1989 when together with Mestre Paulao Ceara and Mestre Boneco they founded the Grupo Capoeira Brasil , today he has his academy in Niteroi Brazil.


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